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Alina          Ratuska


Alina Ratuska, Founder of Kinky Rabbit Club

Alina Ratuska is a creative director, event planner, designer, and stylist of Polish and German descent.

Alina’s journey began with designing costumes for performers in the nightlife and entertainment industry in Europe. The friendships she forged and the connections she developed during this time allowed her to expand her creative outlets to host a range of events across the continent.

The Spanish isle of Ibiza served as one of Alina’s biggest creative influences and led to the creation of Rockachic, a fashion and entertainment brand in 2009. Hosting a number of innovatively themed events under the Rockachic brand helped Alina develop a devoted clientele and core fan base which has followed her ever since.

Alina’s next opportunity was to become the creative director of SNCTM, one of the world’s most renowned private members’ clubs – a role in which she thrived for four glorious years.

Feeling it was time to strike out on her own, Alina established the now notorious Kinky Rabbit Club.

Alina is available for the consultation and planning of private events.

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