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Making dreams come true is risqué business... Please observe and respect these Kinky Commandments to ensure everyone stays safe while having fun.

Always ask before you touch.

If anyone makes you feel unsafe, alert security or someone from our crew. 
Guests that do not respect club etiquette will be removed from the event immediately.

Be responsible for your own belongings, safety and health.

Kinky Rabbit Condoms are provided at events.
Please do not drink and drive.

No phones or cameras allowed at any of our events.

All devices are to be checked in at security before entrance to the event is granted. ​
No exceptions.

The privacy of KRC must be respected by all guests, performers, and employees.  ​

You are not to disclose any information regarding KRC members, performers, and employees to any media or public platform.

No illegal substances allowed at our events.​

All rooms shall remain unlocked and open at all times.​

Guests are not allowed to play with performers.​

Soliciting for money is not tolerated at our events.​

Dress code is theme-based and strictly enforced.

Anyone who violates these rules will be banned from the club effective immediately.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone who does not meet the club standards.

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